Why are Reverse Osmosis Systems used in the home?

Is Reverse Osmosis appropriate for everyone?

By it’s very nature Reverse Osmosis is a wasteful process flushing away up to 1/3 of the water that passes through the system.  Reverse Osmosis is definitely not appropriate for everyone, in the UK most people enjoy food grade quality water 24/7, if you are supplied via the mains then it’s likely that your water is absolutely fine to drink, if the water has a poor taste/smell then you could consider a carbon based filtration system which is more cost efficient than Reverse Osmosis.

Disturbingly many UK homeowners are 건대 op being encouraged down the route of Reverse Osmosis with the promise of pure water despite the fact that the system is generally considered to be overkill in most instances.  If you intend to source your water from a private supply, or are in any doubt about your water quality we strongly advise you to contact your local water authority.


What Contaminants Does Reverse Osmosis actually remove?


There are 3 key reasons why home users wish to own a reverse osmosis system.


Your water supply is not mains connected and contains one of the listed contaminants (see above) that you wish to remove.


Many reef aquarium keepers use reverse osmosis to help produce their artificial mixture of seawater, this is because ordinary tap water often contains excessive levels of chlorine or other impurities detrimental to the sensitive organisms in a reef environment.


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