Burning a Playstation (PS1) Game

Playstation 1 games can be burned using the same methods given above for the PS2 games, but that is not necessary. There is an easier way. For Playstation 1 games, all you need to make a new game copy is a program that lets you make exact copies or backup disks. You needn’t select any special options. Knowing how to play burnt game on PS2 games is easy, simply start the game in the same manner as you would a PS2 game. The following directions will lead you through the process. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but after a few times, it will be as easy as falling off of a log.

1. Remove the front of your PS2 game drive. This should snap off easily.

2. Insert your Gameshark 2 CD, making 안전놀이터 sure that the Gameshark memory card is installed into either one of the two slots.

3. From the Gameshark options, select Start Game.

4. Select Without, and your screen should indicate, “Please insert game disk then press X to continue.”

Note: This part of the process can be confusing for first timers. Its purpose is to open the PS2 console and interchange the Gameshark disk with your burned PS2 game without the machine recognizing that the change has been made. DO NOT press the Eject button on the PS2 to remove the disk.

With the PS2 cover removed, look inside to see a white tab. Use a credit card or similar tool to gently move the white tab to the right until it stops moving. If done correctly, you should now be able to manually open the PS2 console’s CD tray.

5. Remove the Gameshark disk from the PS2 and insert your burned game.

6. Gently push the CD tray into the closed position, being careful not to press the Eject button.

7. Slide the white tab to the left back to its original position, using a paper clip if needed.

8. With the tab back in its original position, press X on the PS2 controller, and observe as your burned PS2 game loads.

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